Enki is a mythical, benevolent creature that is rumored to reside in the Kalakita Bog near Salmanda. It does not attack people unless provoked. A beautiful but highly poisonous tree grows on its back, which is why it has been hunted down to near extinction by the Cobra Priests of Kalma Badlands.


An Enki drinking from Danab's Fountain.

Enki is featured in a Decamon card (Plant 10).

Battle StatisticsEdit



  • *Absorbs poison* *Immune to petrified, doomed and sudden death*
  • Type: Plant/Ancient
  • Level: 75
  • Health: 2187/2187
  • Special: Tree of Life and Death – Causes poisoned by 25-effect to all combatants, but removes all other effects, both negative and positive.
  • Drops: Enki Venom (quest item), 4x Ancient Bone, 10x Meat Lump (quest item)

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