Etheria is an ancient island nation of mages. Ether runs wild and free here, and many mages are trained in Etheria before being sent out to other nations around Olegaia. The island has long been ruled in peace by its people as a collective and has never officially involved with a war, internally or externally. Major choices in Etheria are made by a High Council of Mages. The Council is chosen directly by the citizens, and members may be removed or added at any given time. There is no specific number of members required for the council.

Landscape Edit

The entire island centers around something called "The Font", which can be seen through a window in nearly every room on the entire island. The Font is believed to be, by scholars, the place where ether enters Olegaia.

The island is temporally and specially unstuck. Due to this, no rooms have doors nor windows, as they are constantly shuffling around. This necessitates the use of Void Masters to travel from place to place. It also causes near constant visions of both the past and the future. No one is sure if all of Etheria is actually on the island, as the Void Masters can warp to any room but do not know where the actual room resides.

History Edit

Etheria has long been the center of magic on Etheria. It's origin is unknown, but it is one of the oldest civilizations on Olegaia, with some of the oldest collective residents.

The citizens of Etheria often mutate due to the magical nature of their island.

Political Landscape Edit

The nation is run by a Council of Mages, which has no set number and can change at any time. The Council is selected loosely by the people of Etheria.

Current Council Edit

In order of promotion:

  • Mother of Hope, Guiding Hand of the Council, Prophet
  • Mighty Harold Iceborn, Highest Necromancer
  • Piglina, Archmage First Class
  • Bombast Bombast, Official Weather Mage of Etheria
  • Amarcolm, Chaomancer Supreme

Other Notable Denizens Edit

  • Melquiades, a Void Master
  • Zapp, a skull turned Electrical Elemental
  • Zeus, an Electrical Elemental, Electrical Emperor and Head of the Merchant Guild

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