As the Prime Minister of the Seelie Court, Euflear is in charge of governing the day-to-day matters of the Faerie, which is not an easy task when the entire realm is full of delirious, frolicking fey folk. Recently there have been several attacks through the rifts in time and space to the fairy dimension by creatures of the Void, forcing the blissful people take a defensive stance - with Euflear in the front line.


Euflear returns to Heroica Hall after centuries of absence.

Fairies possess many strange powers, and Euflear's power is to change gender. That is why Euflear is both a mother and a father to his/her many offspring. At one time s/he ventured into the mortal realm and joined a mission to bring down Tarokai, the orc king ravaging the High Kingdoms. S/he survived the ordeal with five other people, and together they went on to found an organization dedicated to heroism in a freeport called Eubric. Euflear took on the monicker of "the Fey One", and hiding his/her wings, led Heroica as one of it's Veterans for many decades before finally returning to his/her homeland.

Euflear came back to Eubric centuries later with his/her granddaughter Hope to find an errant fairy who had been driven mad by the Dark Druids, possessed undead minions of the archdemon Rosier that hunt fairies to collect Fairy Dust.


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