Though they look like humans for the most parts, fairies are usually born with insectoid wings. Different families have different kinds of wings, some having those of a butterfly while others having dragonfly wings, for example. Fairies born without wings are considered outcasts, as they are usually the result of an interracial relationship. As beings closely related to nature, fairies prefer to cover themselves with plants, although fairies dwelling among other races are known to don clothes as well.

Fairies originate from another plane of existence, commonly referred to as The Faerie. It is intertwined with the mortal realm, which rifts between the planes appearing in special places known as "fairy rings". Many legends are told of people venturing into The Faerie, never to be seen again. Other tales tell that time runs differently in The Faerie, and a day spend there might equal decades or mere seconds in the mortal realm. The goddess Sylvania herself is said to be the queen of all fairies, although no fairy has ever admitted to it. They call their queen Ylwannah. It is unknown how long a fairy can live.

Another distinct feature of fairies is that they have shapeshifting powers thanks to the magical "Fairy Dust" floating around in their realm. The powers vary, for example some fairies can change their size from human-sized to as small as a bee.

Fairy CharactersEdit

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