Farfarello is an ancient trickster demon lurking in the labyrinthine tunnels beneath Spesialia. He uses the corpses of his victims as puppets, tying them with ether strings.


Farfarello and his puppets.

He once attacked a group of heroes from Heroica at Baba's behest with three puppets:


Battle StatisticsEdit

Farfarello, the Demon Puppeteer

  • *Absorbs darkness* *Immune to all negative effects and sudden death*
  • Type: Demon
  • Level: 70
  • Health: 2822/2822
  • Special I: Dance Macabre – Farfarello ties strings onto the target, making them his puppet and using their skills against the opponents. The target cannot control their own actions during this time. The only way to release the target from the strings is to attack them physically. The demon can only control one hero at a time. If all other opponents are defeated during this time, the battle is lost.
  • Special II: Mist – Negates elemental immunities (not absorption) from all combatants until the end of the next round. Used only if someone is affected by the Dance Macabre.
  • Special III: Demonic Ditty – Causes 70 darkness-elemental damage to all opponents. Used only if someone is affected by the Dance Macabre (that target is not affected) and Mist is in effect.
  • Drops: 5 Ancient Bones, Deluxe Skeleton Decoy (Can be used to absorb enemy Free Hits for up to 100 points of damage before it breaks.), Demonic Ditty (Minstrel’s Battle Song; Causes darkness-elemental damage equal to the minstrel’s level to all enemies instantly. Costs 2 ether per damaged enemy.)
  • Note: Farfarello uses Dance Macabre as a Free Hit if no one is affected by it yet.

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