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Father Josiah McCreary is the Pastor of the Way's End Church and Eubric Cemetery. He oversees funerals and attends those of the deceased who have no family. McCreary is easily angered and often stubborn, but that's not to say he isn't without moments of happiness. He cares deeply for his wife and the inhabitants of the the cemetery. Despite his past, McCreary does not worship any deity, despite being well versed in various faiths. He has a sweet spot for sweets and pastries. 

Paladin of Ennoc Edit

Josiah followed the footsteps of his ancestors, and at a young age became a Paladin in Eubric. Not much is known about his youth, but he and his wife eventually had a daughter named Amber Makepeace. McCreary wanted his daughter to follow the family tradition and become a paladin, but she eventually left and joined Heroica. Afterwards, McCreary left Eubric for the High Kingdoms to assist, and stayed there for two years. After hearing his daughter had not retunned from Värtland, McCreary left his post in search for her. After many months, he found the the site where the quest went south, with two of the five heroes bodies mutilated. Amber's body wasn't found, although two of the five heroes returned to Eubric. His name and reputation among the paladins tarnished, McCreary returned to Eubric and became the pastor of the Way's End Church, revoking his worship of Ennoc after losing his daughter.

Pastor of the Way's End Cemetery Edit

McCreary overlooked the funeral services that took place in the Way's End Church. After four years of being the pastor of the church, McCreary hired Heroica to deal with rampant undead and spectres. After the successful completion of the mission, he later hired Heroica to look into an issue of undead being dug up from their graves. However, it wasn't until his third time hiring the organization where McCreary would finally be told of his daughter's fate. After opening a paladin crypt, McCreary was attacked by undead holymen, who badly injured him. Against all odds, McCreary fought his way through the horde and survived, but was left wounded. He left the party to deal with the threat inside the crypt while he went back for help. The party faced the true threat in the crypt's lowest level, who turned out to be Josiah's daughter, Amber; her intention being to turn Eubric into a necropolis, and her first subject of the spell being a dragon. Amber managed to escape to further fulfill her plans after the fight. McCreary, distressed that his daughter was not only undead, but working to cause destruction to the city, let the heroes go with their reward. His leg has not fully healed since then.

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