Fernandu Elysiam (played by Fred Daniel Yam) was a minotaur shaman who was a member of Heroica until the events of the Cruel Angel's Thesis. He did not survive.

Fernandu's childhood in Pyr was a bloody one, as he witnessed his father and brothers perish in the gladiator arena. To avoid that he wouldn’t experience the same fate, his mother taught him the art of healing before she died herself. Fernandu earned his way to freedom, but there was nothing left for him in Pyr, so he sailed across the Crystalline Ocean in search of a new life, which he found in Heroica. However, a fateful journey to the Doomsayer’s Island made him a Nephilim of the dark angel Lucifuge. Together with his quest-mates he set out to destroy the organization that once gave him a new direction.


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