Footwear consists of artifacts including shoes, boots and greaves that can be worn on the feet slot.

List of FootwearEdit

ℳ) Permanently sold by Fabian Fancyfeather at the Marketplace.

  • Barbarian's Boots (Changes “Natural Respite” job trait into “Restoration”, restoring full health after every battle; suitable for barbarians, chi monks, beast warriors and winged warriors; footwear.) Value: 50 gold. ℳ
  • Boots of Evasion (Allows the wearer to attack from the front row but take damage from the back row, suitable for barbarians, footwear.) First appeared in Quest#27.
  • Brass Boots of Grounding (SP:3, nullifies lightning elemental damage, suitable for knights and barbarians, footwear.) First appeared in Quest#27.
  • Crimson Suit of Armor (SP:12, allows wearer to pose as Crimson Bear Knight; takes three artifact slots: bodywear, headwear and footwear.) First appeared in Quest#130.
  • Crystal Shoes (Transforms all elemental immunities into absorbing the element instead; footwear.) Value: 333 gold. First appeared in Quest#130.
  • Dance Shoes (Wearer gets an extra turn the round after a 4 is rolled, footwear.) First appeared in Quest#93.
  • Fighter's Boots (+10 damage to attacks after other bonuses have been applied, suitable for any QM's character, footwear.) First appeared in Quest#35.
  • Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, vindicators and winged warriors; footwear.) Value: 200 gold. ℳ
  • Greaves (SP:2, immunity to slowed and hastened; footwear.) First appeared in Quest#93.
  • High Heels (+1 power, suitable for women, footwear.) Value: 40 gold. First appeared in Quest#44. ℳ
  • Pegleg of Hastening (Permanent Hastened effect to the user; Immune to Blinded, suitable to Sarge only; footwear.) First appeared in Grogmas Event 2012.
  • Pink Pumps (+2 power, permanent transcended-effect; suitable to women; footwear.) First appeared in Grogmas Event 2014.
  • Swift Boots (Changes HIDE into STEAL & HIDE, allowing the wearer to steal gold equal to the target’s level if it carries gold in addition to hiding; suitable to rogues; footwear.) Value: 60 gold. First appeared in Quest#93. ℳ
  • Tin Greaves (Immunity to stunned-, slowed- and hastened-effects; footwear.) First appeared in Quest#125.
  • Warrior's Treads (SP:2, same effect as shield, health +1, footwear.) First appeared in Quest#12.
  • White Dragon’s Greaves (SP:3, avoid traps on the ground, immunity to earth and petrified; suitable to knights, dragoons, skirmishers and winged warriors; footwear.) First appeared in Quest#75.
  • Winged Sandals (Protects from bound and slowed -effects, footwear.) Value: 80 gold. ℳ

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