Dame Frimelda Lettuce was a paladin from Eubric who died in a battle against raiding Vikings on the northern coast of the High Kingdoms. She was returned to Eubric in a coffin filled with ice to be buried in her hometown, but Dr. Alphonse Cula and his assistant Shaun took her body from the grave soon after the funeral. Dr. Cula managed to revive her without the use of necromancy, but she was not pleased about it. A group of heroes from Heroica returned her back to eternal rest in a honorable battle - much to the vampire alchemist's chagrin.


Dame Frimelda attacks heroes at Dr. Cula's secret lab.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Dame Frimelda Lettuce

  • *Immune to all negative effects*
  • Type: Undead/Holy
  • Level: 50
  • Defense: 5
  • Health: 1573/1573
  • Special I: Deal with Devil – Frimelda gets encouraged, hastened and lucky. However, she loses 90% of her health (rounded up) as well.
  • Special II: Unholy Cross – Deals 50 light-elemental damage to all combatants, including herself.
  • Drops: Unholy Armour (SP:5, immunity to light and darkness, suitable to paladins and dark knights; bodywear), 900 gold

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