Frozen Puppet was one of the corpses controlled by the demon Farfarello.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Frozen Puppet

  • *Ice-elemental attacks* *Immune to poisoned, bleeding, stunned, sealed, blinded, confused, hexed, enamored, minimized, petrified, doomed, and sudden death*
  • Type: Undead/Icy
  • Level: 45
  • Health: 450/450
  • Special I: Cold Waltz – Changes current weather to “cold” (doubles ice, halves wood)
  • Special II: Freezinate – Causes 45 ice-elemental damage and slowed-effect to all opponents. Used only during cold weather.
  • Drops: Opal, Bone, Shroud of Cold Death (Makes all undead raised while wearing the shroud deal ice-elemental damage instead of darkness-elemental; suitable to necromancers only; backwear.)

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