Glimda LaRouge is the transgendered owner of the Château des Coeurs brothel in Vega, the largest city in the Babeleth Darklands. She also suffers from Le Malheur, which causes aversion to sunlight. She is close friends with Roland Emeraldo, who raised Vega from a small village into the thriving "City of Sin" which it is today. Her sister Grimelda used to own The False Wizard tavern in the city before she was murdered. This drove Glimda mad with vengeance, and she even convinced Roland and her friend Elphaba to host a Decamon Tournament inside a time loop to find out the culprit. It was revealed to her that Grimelda had been killed by the Wolfgang just because she happened to be at the wrong place in the wrong time. Glimda decided to tear down the organization from inside out.


Glimda and her friends at the Emerald Palace.

Among the girls in Glimda's brothel were Periwinkle and Nazgulie.


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