Among the shortest of the humanoid races, gnomes are also known for their rotund bodies and high-pitched voices. Male gnomes begin to grow their bushy beards from a very early age, as they believe it brings them good luck. It is said that cutting off a gnome's beard transfers all that good luck to the cutter.

Gnomes are masterful tinkerers, gathering the junk thrown away by the "Tall Ones" and building their homes and tools out of them. Gnomes tend to dwell under major cities in tunnels and sewers, where they feel safe from the outside world. Some have founded their own villages under hills or in caves. Gnomes only live for about 50 years.

There is a Gnome city under Eubric called Zylstra.


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Moke (Treasurer of Zylstra, Gnome)

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The Baron of Zylstra (Gnome)

The shortest of the diminutive races, gnomes are also light and slender, although in their later years many develop rotund bellies. They are resilient creatures with fast metabolisms who generally do not live past 50 years of age. Male gnomes begin to grow bushy beards from a very early age (unlike dwarves, gnomish women do not have facial hair), and they will go to great lengths to ensure they are properly and fashionably groomed. Some scholars and the superstitious believe that gnomes' beards bring them luck, and that cutting off a gnome's beard transfers that luck to the cutter, but it is more likely that the beards prevent other races from mistaking the gnomes for children due to their small stature. Similarly, gnomes tend to be vain about their height (typically no more than 24 inches) and prefer tall hats to make themselves stand out, but no self-respecting gnome man wears platform shoes or high heels.

Culture Edit

Gnomes are masterful tinkerers, gathering the junk thrown away by "Tall Ones", also called "BigJobs", and building their homes and tools out of them. Because they have no single nation or homeland, gnomes tend to dwell on the outskirts of the cities of other races, speaking the common language of their adopted cities with bits of their own dialect thrown in for good measure. They can be found in tunnels and sewers, in forgotten alleys and in-between spaces, mainly in groups of several families living in close proximity. These private enclaves - usually brightly lit and colorfully appointed on the inside - are generally closed to outsiders, but their residents often have jobs in the cities to which they are attached, commonly as barbers, cobblers, tailors, and other service-sector occupations. Education among gnomes is near universal, though extremely limited; gnome children do not usually attend "BigJob" schools but receive some instruction at home and in apprenticeships with their families, and are often expected to carry on or expand the family business. Most gnomes worship Orrick the Earth Father.

Gnome Characters Edit

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