Golden Golem is a golem that appears in the Fields of Glory. It is a much stronger version of the Gold Golem. It shares a Decamon card (Luminous 6) with it's weaker version.

Battle StatisticsEdit

Golden Golem

  • *Immune to bleeding, poisoned, asleep, fast asleep, hexed and doomed*
  • Type: Rock/Luminous
  • Level: 52
  • Defense: 5
  • Health: 1245/1245
  • Special I: Gold Rush – All allies become hastened.
  • Special II: Golden Touch - Petrifies the target. The target loses 10% of their gold for every round they are petrified.
  • Drops:
    • 1: Golden Kopesh (WP:18, increases the amount of gold stolen by 25% (rounded up); longsword)
    • 2-3: Crown (Worth 300 gold)
    • 4-6: Diamond (Light)

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