Golden Scorpion is an arachnid monster that appears in the Fields of Glory aside from dwelling near Salmanda. It is related to Ebony Scorpion and Crimson Scorpion.

Battle StatisticsEdit


Golden Scorpion

  • Type: Vermin/Holy
  • Level: 14
  • Health: 93/93
  • Special I: Deadly Dose – Instantly knocks out the target. Used if the target is poisoned.
  • Special II: Fusion Tail – Transfers 14 health from the target to self. Used if the target is not poisoned.
  • Drops: Golden Scorpion Venom (quest item), Gold Ore

Fields of GloryEdit

Golden Scorpion

  • *Attacks cause poisoned by 10* *Immune to poisoned*
  • Type: Vermin/Luminous
  • Level: 64
  • Health: 1393/1393
  • Special: Deadly Greed – Instantly knocks out the target.
  • Drops (varies by roll):
    • 1: Everlasting Venom (Adds the poisoned by 10-effect to one weapon permanently)
    • 2-3: Gold Ore (Worth 80 gold.)
    • 4-6: nothing

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