Cary Bullsworth is the older, rebellious son of Captain Geor Bullsworth who serves the Bonapartes. He has authority issues due to his overbearing father, and he shows it by continuously getting into trouble. Furthermore, he often drags his younger brother Cary down with him.


Grant and other members of YoWoB in a demonstration.

Together with his brother, Grant belonged to the "Rogues" clique at the Academy of Enlightenment when they studied there. When the academy was sent into the Void by an archdemon, the "Rogues" took that as a chance to rise into power, so they kidnapped Dean Morrible and demanded ransom money in exchange for her life. Neither Grant nor his friends realized the severity of the situation, so the heroes of Heroica sent to save the school had to knock them out to get them to safety.

After the school was destroyed, Grant and his gang loitered around the streets of Eubric until they were approached by members of the Wolfgang. Grant saw an opportunity to become something great - greater than his father -, and he made a pact with Ulric Wolfkin that he would sell information about his father's shipments as well as spread monarchistic thoughts among the youth in the city in exchange for a position in Ulric's court. That is why he formed the "Young Wolf Brigade". When Grant's father found out about this, he of course wasn't pleased, but he managed to keep their involvement a secret from his employer.


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