My annoying brother Merlyn has disappeared. You see, he was trying to prove to me that turning into an animal isn't such a unique talent, and it seems that he has turned himself into a frog and hopped away! If I could get a few less-known heroes to help me find him without causing any unwanted attention, it would be appreciated. I think I could get some money out of my parents in order to pay you. Thank you heroes!
~ Morgan Ziegfried

Quest #57: Green and Gone is the fifty-seventh Quest in the Heroica RPG. It is the third quest in the Ziegfried Story Arc, and the second quest to be hosted by Flare.

Plot Edit

When Morgan thinks that her brother, Merlyn, turned himself into a frog, and decides to call for Heroica to solve the problem before their parents return. The main issue is that Merlyn seems to have hopped away, into the bustling city of Eubric. Morgan and the party of Heroes travel around the city looking for signs of her missing brother-turned-frog, and on the way they bump into numerous characters who bring doubts and suspicions as to what actually happened to Merlyn, and where he has gone.

Party Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Cheese-elemental is introduced as a joke in the rat battle. It is later revealed to be double damage against vermin.

Notable NPCs Edit

Morgan Ziegfried Edit

Main Article: Morgan Ziegfried


Morgan Ziegfried hires the heroes and accompanies them throughout the entire quest. She is a young member of the influential Ziegfried family.

Smiling Sancho Edit

Smiling sancho

Smiling Sancho is an undercover Wolfgang tracker. He poses as a professional ranger, hunter, and tracker, and doesn't reveal his loyalties to the Wolfgang. His true intentions in helping the heroes is questionable. He is well known to be friendly and smiling, which makes most people not suspicious that he is part of the large criminal organization.

Riley Edit

Riley hood

Riley, hooded

Riley is a bat-man, and not a werebat as some might think, with his extremely large black ears, and matted black hair. He is an apprentice in the Guild of Invision, the opponents of the Ziegfrieds. Riley's true intentions were also questionable, although he always was kind and friendly. His drink of choice is the soma.

Riley no hood

Riley with no hood

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