Grendel is a bestial monster that appears in the Fields of Glory. It is considered to be superior to all direwolves. It is also featured in a Decamon card (Icy 7).

Battle StatisticsEdit


  • *Enraged*
  • Type: Ancient/Icy
  • Level: 30
  • Health: 528/528
  • Special I: Pack Attack – Makes all Direwolves in the battle attack with it in unison. Grendel causes 30 damage to the target while each of the Direwolves causes 15 damage to the opponent next in turn in order until all Direwolves have attacked at least one opponent. Used only if there are Direwolves in the battle.
  • Special II: Lone Wolf – Grants encouraged- and hastened-effects to self. Used only if there are no Direwolves left in the battle.
  • Drops (varies by roll):
    • 1-2: Smelling Salts
    • 3-4: Mead
    • 5-6: Ancient Bone (Can be thrown at monsters to distract them for 3 rounds. Worth nothing, except in magic shops where it is worth 50 gold.)

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