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Gurnam Needletooth is a Sharkling merchant and owner of a local secondhand-seafood stall in the Fishmarket of Eubric Freeport. In all actuality however, Gurnam’s stand serves as a front for illegal services and wares on the Eubric black market, additionally Gurnam is something of a “loan shark” and also gives out loans to heroes at moderate interest. As a Sharkling, Gurnam processes the body of a man, the head of a shark, and a cut throat business attitude.

Gurnams fish stand

Gurnam's stall in Eubric Freeport's Fishmarket

Services and Wares Available Edit

  • Upgrade to Poison Blade: Gurnam will permanently instill a poison effect onto an individual’s weapon. Costs 80 Gold and 1 venom
  • Venom
  • Deadly Venom
  • Paralyzing Venom
  • Short Loan: Gurnam will loan an amount of money at 30% interest, up to 200 gold for the entirety of the quest. The individuals must repay him by the end of the quest or be forced to sacrifice their inventory to make up the difference, though if the party fails, they will only have to give up any items they bought during the quest.
  • Hit Job: Gurnam will utilize his connections to see to it that the first enemy targetted by the player in the next battle will be disposed of. Costs 100 Gold


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