Halberds are weapons suitable for suitable for barbarians, knights, dragoons and skirmishers. Many heroes have started their career with a halberd with three weapon power, and a halberd with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the Marketplace.

List of HalberdsEdit

  • Bloodied Poleaxe (WP:15, causes the bleeding by 5 -effect; halberd)
  • Epidemic Halberd (WP:8, causes all negative effects that the user has to the target when attacking; halberd)
  • Fauxthril Halberd (WP:5, halberd)
  • Graive (WP: 11, deals the weakened effect, halberd)
  • Guardian Halberd (WP: 5, target's defense is used as additional WP, halberd)
  • Halberd (WP:5, halberd)
  • Icy Halberd (WP:9, triple damage against plants and electric enemies, no damage against fiery and rock enemies; halberd)
  • Impaler (WP:21, pierces defense; halberd)
  • Imperial Halberd (WP:25, each successful hit gives 5 gold to the wielder; halberd)
  • Ji Pei Glaive (WP:8, doubled if the user has reputation among the Ji Pei; halberd)
  • Naginata (WP:10; halberd)
  • Rakshasa Naginata (WP:12 multiplied by the amount of Rakshasa weapons equipped by the party in the battle; halberd)
  • Sludge Glaive (WP:8, pierces defense and causes either fragile or weakened; halberd)
  • Sturdy Poleaxe (WP:4, wielder is immune to fragile; halberd)

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