Hammers are weapons suitable for barbarians, clerics, alchemists, artisans and regulators. Many heroes have started their career with a hammer with three weapon power, and a hammer with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the Marketplace.

List of HammersEdit

  • Bent Crowbar (WP:8, 3x damage to mechanical enemies, hammer)
  • Crude Warhammer (WP:4, hammer)
  • Fauxthril Hammer (WP:5, hammer)
  • Magma Maul (WP:5, has a 1/6 chance to cause an inferno (see Weather Mage) when dealing damage, hammer)
  • Mockthril Hammer (WP:4, hammer)
  • Pongcanis Hammer (WP:5, hammer)
  • Shadeaux Hammer (WP:4, hammer)
  • Spark Hammer (WP:8, lightning-elemental hammer)
  • Tyrant’s Maul (WP:28, causes hexed, hammer.)
  • Warhammer (WP:10, hammer)

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