Strange creatures have been prowling the fields outside Eubric as of late, stomping the crops and eating the livestock. The fields are the main resource of foodstuff on this island, so you better send help or the people will soon feel the bony claws of hunger.
~ Old Mack Donauld, the farmers’ spokesman

Quest #1: Harvest Time is the first official Quest in Heroica RPG. It was hosted by game manager Sandy and was one of the first three Quests posted at Heroica's start.


Old Mack Donauld , a well-respected farmer on the Free Island of Uland, requests the aid of six heroes to remove a monster infestion from his farm. His farm, divided into five sections, each played host to a different variety of creatures.

Harvest Time was a standalone quest, but this simple premise would later spawn a spiritual successor in the form of the first Unlimited Quest, the Fields of Glory.



Notable LootEdit