John "Heckz" Brutenhal is the player played by Cutcobra. He is currently a sorcerer, hates furry or slimy things and discriminates all things non-beautiful.

Before Heroica:

Born to a lady and an unknown father, John Brutenhal became Lord Orthol Brutenhal's "pet" when his mother pleaded her husband to let the boy live. Lord Brutenhal kept John in a dungeon and fed him food and water.

John's half-brother Bill Brutenhal came to visit him often since the boy took pity on him. Eventually they became close friends, almost family.

The day John's mother died, Lord Brutenhal seemed more than angry and started beating the bastard boy, blaming him for his wife's death and calling him things like "ugliest little shit alive" or "ungrateful hideous frog".

When John accidentally demonstrated a little arcane power Lord Orthol decided that he would end him in that very night. Bill heard about this and secretly released John from the dungeon and both of them escaped.

Before escaping, though, John stole an opal and brutally murdered Lord Brutenhal, spending all his ether in the progress. This tragically shrekt wrecked House Brutenhal.

After the escape, his half-brother promised him that with his archery skills and John's magical power they could both earn gold and make a living. They decided to take on new names to start their new life. Bill chose Bolt because he liked archery and thought the name "Arrow" was ridiculous. John chose the name Hex because he thinks he proudly hexed the remaining Brutenhals. He still doesn't know how to spell it though.

Bolt Brutenhal, the Master Assassin and Heckz Brutenhal, the other guy became notorious throughout the High and the Low Kingdoms. One quickly dealt with contracts while the other cleaned the bow and sharpened the arrows.

On a fateful day Bolt found out that there was a 100.000 gold bounty on both their heads. To save himself and his half-brother, Bolt took Heckz to Eubric and surprised the young mage with a non-deadly arrow in the back of his head. Word reached the people of the High Kingdoms of Heckz's "death" and both the brothers were presumed dead. The bounty was dropped.

Heckz woke up inside a dumpster in the Hovels and got out as soon as possible. He took a dead wizard's robes, paid for a bad wand with gold he found on the floor and headed to the nearest mercenary company he could find. Bolt is now doing jobs in the Njago Empire.

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