Helvetia the Frostheart is the heartless ruler of winter and the undead. Helvetia’s symbols include the icicle and the polar bear. A myth tells how she fell in love with a mortal man, but broke her heart when he died. She stored the man inside her icy throne known as Helvetia's Siege, and swore never to love anything living again. That is why she is the queen of the damned whose bodies are trapped wandering the mortal realm in a state of half-life, lusting for the life they lost. In Eubric, Helvetia is worshipped by necromancers and those of the undead who have kept their wits. However, in the northern Värtland she is the chief goddess who takes care of souls in the afterlife. The nôrns are said to be her daughters, and to them she has no name other than the Goddess. Her avatar among sentient animals is called Hissvetia.

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