Henribald "Henry" Hinckwell is a high ranking member of the Hinckwell family. He oversees a great deal of the Hinckwell's enterprises overseas. He is the brother of Heinrich Hinckwell, and father to Roderick Hinckwell. He has a low opinion of heroes of Heroica, but has proved a man who pays his debts.

Henry Hinckwell was present when Gerald Guffington hosted a dinner party. In the remaining timeline he was indignant towards the heroes and their grand interuptionn of the party. He also attempted to facilitate the murder of Samuel Shawe, though no one took him up on the offer.

Henry Hinckwell later hired the heroes of Heroica to retrieve some "stolen bombs". He claimed to have already have sent Strong-Chested Bors to retrieve the weapons. Eventually the sordid truth came out - the bombs belonged to the Shadeaux, though Henry was not entirely in the wrong - Samuel Shawe had framed him, and gotten his own contract cancelled. The heroes eventually turned on the Hinckwells and gave the bombs to their proper owners.

Upon hearing that the heroes of Heroica had saved Sir Grady earlier in the day, he tracked them down and offered them a favor as repayment. He was able to pull strings and get them aboard a Bonaparte ship helmed by Captain Pierce Lane, something they needed to complete their quest.

Appearances Edit

Battle Statistics Edit

Quest#84 Edit

Lord Henry Hinckwell

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level 16
  • Defense: 10
  • Health:  250/250
  • Special: Hide! – Henry Hinckwell hides undercover, all damage done to him for the remainder of the round and the following round is negated.
  • Drops: 1500 Gold
  • Note: Deals damage to Samuel Shawe on Free Hits.

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