Hestia Bonaparte was a champion of Heroica renowned for her skills in archery and falconry. She married one of the most influential people in Eubric: Nemo Bonaparte, who would become the admiral of his family’s fleet. Most people, including her husband, thought she gave up her career as a heroine on her wedding day. In truth she kept on participating in quests that took place within the city, and one day took her place as one of the Veterans, taking the monicker of The Falconer. This double life makes it hard for her to balance her loyalties.

Together, Hestia and Nemo have a daughter called Attina. She is a daredevil like her mother, which caused her to lose a hand in a duel against a pirate at a young age. Hestia has always allowed Attina to make her own mistakes, nevertheless.

Her husband also had a twin brother, Reno, who tricked Hestia by pretending to be the admiral while sending the real Nemo away. Some heroes prevented it and brought Nemo back to face his brother. In the ensuing battle, Reno was killed, and Hestia decided not to use her powers as a Veteran to revive him, like she had done earlier to a group of poor rioters that had attacked the admiral and her at the Hovels. This sent the admiral off the rails, and Hestia has ever since tried to mend the situation.


Hestia greets heroes in front of her husband's office.


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