Humans are the most populous race in Olegaia, comprising a little less than half of the planet's population. They rule nearly all the realms around the Crystalline Sea. The minority races often see them as oppressors and conquerors, for the curiosity and ambition of the humankind knows no boundaries. Because the race is so widely spread, it has attained a multitude of diverse cultures: for example, humans in Dastan live a very different life from the humans in Carthago, even though there is only a narrow sea in between the nations. Humans live approximately 60 years, although some individuals are known to have lived for over 100 years.

Appearance Edit

Most of the humans are of average height and weight. Their skin tone ranges from pale to dark brown depending on their natural habitat, with the most common tone being yellow. Humans can breed with most of the minority races, so individuals with mixed heritage are quite common.

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