A Jade Kraken was transported to the Fields of Glory to guard the entrance to the lake at the eastern reaches. It used its' eight krakentacles to bind its foes.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Jade Kraken

  • *Immune to negative effects and sudden death*
  • Type: Aquatic
  • Level: 60
  • Health: 2436/2436
  • Special I: Tidal Wave – Causes 60 water-elemental damage to all opponents. Used only when all 8 Krakentacles are present.
  • Special II: Grow A Tentacle – Grows a new Krakentacle in place of one defeated one.
  • Drops: Crown of the Sea Kings (Gives the wearer +20 SP, +20 max. health and +20 max. ether when fighting at a sea, lake or river; headwear), 10 Kraken Fangs (Grants hastened- and reinforced-effects when consumed), extra 10 GP to each standing hero
  • Note: The Jade Kraken is accompanied by a maximum of 8 Krakentacles. When the Jade Kraken is defeated, all remaining Krakentacles die with it.

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