Johnny Everyman is a common low-life of Eubric, who appears to know almost everyone in the town. He is often used as a proxy and surrogate, and is a "jack-of-all-trades". His lack of scruples at nearly any job makes him a prime candidate for hire as well.

Johnny was first encountered when Felton hired him at the opening of 38 to brief the heroes on the Valley of Peace and the Heroica party lost there years ago. Johnny took to the job with gusto, and bade the heroes farewell.

Directly before the events of Quest 53, Johnny hid in the Hall, avoiding the Town Watch. He told the heroes about the Court of Demons as their wanted posters went up. Once Wren invaded Eubric, Johnny went with the heroes to speak with Bennetton, who appeared to have a fond spot for the petty thief. When things got tough, right before the heroes final encounter with Wren, Johnny left the city alongside Zane and XX. The heroes attempted to shame him, but he seemed unbothered by his cowardice.

Johnny was next found performing in a play in Bric'Lin. In Stirlance's forbidden play he assumed the role of the King, a position he claimed Zane got him after he and Chauncey met. He was cursed along with his fellow actors, but was saved by the heroes.

When the heroes of Bad Blood stopped in the Weeping Inn, they encountered Johnny and Samuel Shawe sharing a drink or two.

Johnny Everyman serves once more as a surrogate for an employer, bringing all the heroes of Quest 102 together, and helping his employer by hiring XX to work at his side. Johnny bid the heroes farewell as soon as they departed from Eubric.

Appearances Edit

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