Sergent Jon McEncy is the player character of Pyrovisionary. He is an Ex-Bonaparte soldier, currently working as a Mercenary at Heroica. He became a Hero to create a legacy from his old age, and make Gold to support his four daughters in the future. Hence he see's Heroica as a means to this end, rather than a Heroic endeavour for the good of society. His work with the Bonapartes from a young age have turned him into a gruff and cynical man, he values cunning and realism as ideologies for survial, and comrades and gold as the only ideals things worth fighting for. For example during Quest #100, he took a bribe of 1000 gold to destroy the Tower of Bable.

Before Heroica Edit

Jon was born 50 years before the events of CAT and never knew his parents, presumably they died fighting pirates for the Bonapartes. He was raised by the sailors and marines of a Bonaparte vessel as a cabin boy under the command of the then "Captain" Reno. Jon, while admiring the man, grew to dislike the aristocracy, primarily because he wasn't one of the nobility himself. Fghting under the Bonapartes he survived a number of terms and campaigns (Primarily in Charis), and even fought in the battle when Nemo and Reno's father died. During these campaigns he had 3 daughters to multiple women - Emmeline ( Who grew up to be a smuggler), Ella (Who grew up to be a merchant) and Elise (Who is Ella's assistant) . On his 7th tour of duty on the Fang coast, he met a witch named Alexandra and fell in love. After she bore his 4th child, he was called back to Eubric, never to return. During an argument, Jon struck Alexandra and was given the "Grey curse" in retaliation. To prevent the curse from spreading, he cut off his leg - blaming it on cannon fire, and turned to alchoholism. Then 40, he was expelled from the Bonapartes for disorderly behaviour and was forced to become a smuggler. He travelled the Crystalline sea, visiting cities like Vega and Newharbour, but after fighting a mutiny off aged 53, he decided to join Heroica for better pay.

Heroica career Edit

Sarge's rather dubious morals and hatred of those who are "Goodie-goodie-two-shoes" has gained him a few very close friends, and alot of mutual aquaintances.

During his very first few quests he acted very disorderly for no other reason than to spite the rather younger heros who were in charge, which he resented. However as he gained more experience with Heroica, even becoming party leader during quest #60, #74 and #130, he grew to accept and enjoy the lifestyle of a merc more.

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