Jonah Carpenter was the father of Isabeau Carpenter, a girl who was murdered at the Academy of Enlightenment. They lived outside of Eubric, and Jonah had given all his savings to get Isabeau into the school. After his daughter's body was recovered, the enraged Jonah tried to seek out justice for Isabeau by interrogating the teachers and students of the academy. He was thrown out time after time, but eventually his fury attracted the attention of Marilith the Vengeful, an archdemon. He became possessed, and Marilith used his rage to gain enough power to transfer the whole academy into the Void, where she could feed on the terrified souls of those captured inside.


The possessed Jonah faces Heroica.

However, heroes of Heroica found their way into the academy, and eventually they defeated Jonah, breaking the archdemon's hold on him. The truth about Isabeau's death came to light as well, and the father and daughter could finally move on, together. Marilith managed to escape, however.


The spirits of Isabeau and Jonah rejoined.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Jonah Carpenter

  • *Fire-elemental attacks*
  • Type: Humanoid/Fiery
  • Level: 35
  • Health: 500/500
  • Special: Demon Within – The demon inside Jonah is brought forward, consuming Jonah himself.
  • Drops: nothing

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