Karl is the orphaned street their played by bionicle_fanatic in Heroica:the RPG. He is an 18 year old human male and is relatively new to the life of adventure. He is observant, good-natured, and selfless when it matters, but also has a tendency to stick his foot directly in his mouth, mostly due to his rapid speech patterns. Leading the life on the streets didn't exactly hone his teamworkig skills either, an area quite vital to a Hero.

Pre-Heroica Edit

Before joining the ranks of Olegaia's greatest heroes, Karl was a simple odd-job boy thief who lived off whatever he could scrounge from outside the werehouses that week. He was found outside the Oracle's Shrine when he was five months old by a tramp called Avernoc Mandurk, who cared for him for the next eleven years. Three days before his birthday that year, Avernoc, or Uncle as he was known to Karl, was attacked and killed by the Wolfgang while on a scavenger hunt. The reason for this attack is as yet unknown.

Karl was alone in the world, but his guardian had taught him to be self-reliant, stealthy, and independent, so while the absence of a parental figure at such a young age was a shock, he adapted well to the situation.

At some point Karl broke into Ziegfried Mansion. Another time he had to escape from Bonapartes at the docks. The details of these encounters are unknown.

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