Knick, on the left.

Knick was a hobgoblin burglar who was part of Alfendi Lupine's gang. He was killed during their assault on the Akrone Wineyard and Vinery.

Battle StatisticsEdit




  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 34
  • Health: 380/380
  • Special Power: 4
  • Special 1: Brotherly Love – Knick and Knack both gang up on the opponent, dealing 68 damage and stunning the opponent.
  • Special 2: Precision Stab - Knick runs the hero through with his knife, making them bleed out (-5 damage at the end of every turn). (Used if Knack is dead).
  • Drops: Mugger's Mask (Protects from loss of gold from gold stealing enemies. Headwear), Fire Bomb, 10 Gold

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