Krook Hinckwell was the Uncle of Henry and Heinrich Hinckwell and somewhat the black sheep of the Hinkwell family having forsook the merchant life in favor of settling down and opening an inn. Krook ran the Waltzing Dragon Inn, right across from the Ziegfried mansion with whom he was in constant conflict. Krook met an unfortunate end as he was immolated by his own furnace drakes that had been accidentally set loose in the inn's basement. The remains of Krook were discovered when heroes from Heroica arrived to assist the new owner in evicting unpaying tenants.

While alive, Krook doted upon his favorite grand nephew, Lorcan whom he willed his inn to and spent a good portion of his time with one of his tenants, Cynthia the werelizard. Krook was kind, if somewhat forgetful, and was beloved for the most part by his renters.

IMG 4147

All that remained of Krook's body.

Appearances Edit

Quest #65: Breaking Down the Door (Deceased)

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