Lances are weapons suitable for knights, dragoons and skirmishers. Many heroes have started their career with a lance with three weapon power, and a lance with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the Marketplace.

List of LancesEdit

  • Clockwork Lance (WP:12, has 1/3 chance to cause slowed-effect on the target; lance)
  • Dark Lance (WP:9, triple damage against plants and flying enemies, no damage against fiery and luminous enemies; lance)
  • Dragonsbane Lance (WP: 20, triple damage to enemies with “Dragon” in their name, lance)
  • Fauxthril Lance (WP:5, lance)
  • Flagpole (WP:3, +3 SP to the whole party whenever equipped, lance)
  • Lance (WP:5, lance)
  • Mockthril Lance (WP:4, lance)
  • Shishkebab (WP: 16, dual-strike, darkness-elemental, lance)
  • Wrath Lance (WP:16, causes enraged and burned by 10; lance)

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