Lord Lawrence T. Boomingham is a player character played by Zepher. He is a king from the High Kingdoms who fought in the Orcish War and was subsequently frozen in time near the end of the war. This has led him to have a prejudice against both Orcs and magic. When Lawrence awoke his kingdom had toppled, his wife had re-married and then died, and his only son had perished. Lawrence is head-strong and pompous, authoritative, stubborn, atheistic, has a trouble with gambling, and has an apparently terrible memory. He is not quick to forgive and believes that free will is the best gift that can be given. His catch phrase is "onwards and upwards". His nicknames include Larry and Boomers, with very few people calling him Lawrence. Boomingham is fairly concerned with his social standing, and has a tendency to collect titles to prove his worth, be they real or imagined.

Before Heroica Edit

Youth Edit

Not much is known about Boomingham's youth. His father was a king, and he grew up with unimaginable riches. At what point he took charge of his kingdom is unknown, but he has stated numerous times that upon reflection he did not run the kingdom well. Before the war he got married and had one son by the name of "Bartholomew".

Orcish War Edit

Heroica Career Edit

Hall Pt. I Edit

"I was once a King of a very old kingdom. Sadly, I ran into a little trouble with the Ziegfrieds. They locked me away for a few hundred years, and to me it just seemed like a quick nap in another dimension. When I hopped out, my kingdom was gone, people had gone on a very quick exodus or something, and all they left behind was a few ruins, and all the treasure. At first I felt quilty as all hell, but then I figured it wasn't my fault, you know? And anyway... I had a lot of gold and no kingdom to spend it on. So I found me a missus and married, and now I'm exploring a new world."

Boomingham arrived in the Hall shortly after it reopened it's doors and spouted a great number of stories, many of which would later prove to only be partial truths (such as the above story) most likely generated due to denial. He quickly made a bad name for himself with Ellaria, Nyx, and Scheherazade thanks to his flirting and racism. After earning the nickname "Old Goat" from Scheherazade Boomingham makes his first friends, Tesni and Eric, trading stories. Eventually he and Eric were chosen to investigate a warehouse.

Quest #2 - Looking Through the Wares Edit

Lawrence was hired by Lorcan Hinckwell to go look through a Shadeaux Storehouse along with a number of other heroes including Atramor, Rufindal, Alexis, Hybros, and Eric. He and his fellow questmatess dismissed a number of animals and guards, but not before Boomingham was able to gamble against some.

“Rats and bat and things like that, do nothing to make my body quake, men and boys with sword-like toys, don’t even make me shiver or shake!”

The heroes were eventually confronted with Umbra Shadeaux, whom they eventually defeated thanks to Hybros' cunning.

Boomingham starts to laugh, first nervously, and then suddenly with great power. "I did not think we would pull that off at all!" he exclaims. He wraps his arms around Hybros and Atramor, and they all but disappear in his giant embrace. "You genius little fellows you! Taking out that beautiful woman and that guard dog! My oh my." He releases them and walks over to Rufindel and kisses him on both cheeks. "Is that elvish custom? I have no idea. Wonderful leadership!"

Boomingham left the warehouse with an admiration for his party leader Rufindal the elf, and his party mate Hybros, along with the hopes of meeting his precieved "respected rival" Umbra some time in the future. He also considered himself to be friends with Lorcan by the end of the mission.

Hall Pt. II Edit

Boomingham returned to the Hall to trade stories with Eric, Tesni and her friend Jess.

My mistake, I've never been good at geography. One time I walked for three days in the wrong direction before I noticed my map was upside down. Very near missed the Battle of the Field.

He also met Thothwick, who he became fast friends with.

"I can't imagine what it must be like to face a full battalion of Orcs, we only ever faced feral packs, disgruntled remnants of lucky survivors. And to lose everything you've ever really known. Tragic, but your courage and perseverance really does you credit. To surviving"
~ Thothwick

Before departing on their respective quests, En Sabah Nur and Boomingham make each other's acquaintance, discussing their mistrust of Skrall, though it seems highly likely that Nur is only egging Boomingham on.

Sacred Sands Edit

Boomingham next departed to ______ to track down and collect three stolen treasures. On the sea ride over Boomingham's disposition of sea sickness was first revealed. After buying canteens, the heroes set out into the desert. It was filled with powerful scarabs, which Boomingham grew to strongly dislike. He did, however, soon strike up a friendship with his questmates Nyx and Amorith Marvelo, both magic users. Nyx and Boomingham in particular quickly fell into a teasing relationship.

Larry, the only way you'd break me is if you sat on me, you clumsy oaf!
~ Nyx

In the desert the lack of booze quickly got to Boomingham. He named himself both "Killer of Scarabs" and "King of the Desert", and began telling war stories. In their final battle, Nyx became vocally fed up with Boomingham's bossy nature, drawing this retort from the old man:

"Well, well, well, Ms. Prissypants. You don't need to get all sassy. Let me tell you a story. Once, while I was serving during the Orcish invasion, I met a young man named Harold. He was a decent soldier, a mage in my unit, and yes, it was my unit because it was under me. He was a little aloof, not like you at all, my dear, please don't take this personally, but he would watch me and the other soldiers party every night and laugh at us, telling us we were making ourselves slow, making ourselves stupid. He said that he would stay sharp. One day, in a battle, a small group of us were surrounded by Orcs. I said we had to cut forward, get to the other side of the force, and he told me I has drunk away my brain, and that I was dithering old fool, which was rather unfair considering I was only twenty one at the time and he was nineteen. So he went backwards to meet up with the rest of the unit, and I went forward into the fray with my men, and we lived and he didn't, because he wasn't smart enough to listen to me. I told his family he died a hero, but he didn't. He died deserting. Sometimes, other people know what's best for us. I don't like mages, Ms. Nyx, I find them to be full of themselves and think that their lives are more important than the lives of others, and beyond Orcs there is nothing I despise more than a mage. Now, you and Mr. Marvelo have proven to me that you are decent folks, and I quite like the both of you, but do not make me change my mind, because I can and I will." Boomingham hums a little military march to finish off his speech and then thrusts at San Di from the front row. "I'm sorry, ma cherie, but this General won't die and I haven't seen liquor in days and I'm losing my temper a bit."

The argument was dismissed, a defining moment for the relationship: the two are to this day often at each other's throats, but it seems likely they will never abandon each other. The heroes returned the treasures and Boomingham gained the title King of the Desert.

Hall Pt. III Edit

Titles Edit

  • King of the Desert (Quest #8)

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