Little Cindy Su was a little girl who had somehow become a part of the notorious Alfendi Lupine's gang. She was killed by the heroes in Quest #103, while trying to raid the Akrone Winery.

Battle StatisticsEdit


Little Cindy Su *Lucky*

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 75
  • Health: 850/850
  • Special: Cleave – Little Cindy Su comes down on the hero, dropping their health to one and dooming them.
  • Passive Special: Giddy as a School Girl - Little Cindy Su is permanently Lucky
  • Drops: Mr. Snuggles (Accessory, +1 HP, +1 Power, +1 SP, cannot be imbued with scrolls, suitable for barbarians), Schoolyard Sword (WP: 8 great sword), Smelling Salts, Emergency Essence

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