The Lost Fairy was a member of the feyfolk who was contaminated by the archdemon Rosier's curse. She ended up in an alleyway in Eubric where she attacked unsuspecting bypassers, Annabelle among them. Heroes of Heroica tried to defeat her, but failed. She was instead recovered by the fairy prime minister, Euflear.


Annabelle assaulted by the cursed fairy.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Lost Fairy

  • *Attacks deal poisoned by 1*
  • Type: Humanoid/Flying
  • Level: 8
  • Health: 87/87
  • Special: Diminish – Causes the minimized-effect.
  • Drops: Remedy, Venom, Fairy Dust (Causes encouraged-, hastened- and lucky-effects but also minimized-and poisoned by 1-effects)

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