Lyren Hinckwell is the happy-go-lucky second son of Heinrich and Laureline Hinckwell. He studied at the Academy of Enlightenment with his best friend Nuitan Shadeaux until the school vanished into the Void and returned in ruins. Because of his rash nature, he always seems to be getting himself and Nuitan into some sort of trouble.

The adventures of the two youngsters has formed a bond of trust and love between them. They refer to each other by nicknames "Ly" and "Nute". When Nuitan's twin sister Bellanotte found out about their relationship, she promised to marry Lyren so that his brother could stay close to him.

At the 400th Foundation Day Ball, Lyren's father announced the engagement, but it was short-lived when the two families started fighting each other due to Wolfgang's spell. During the incident at the Academy, Lyren and Nuitan helped the heroes of Heroica sent to save the school to fight the demons of the Void for a while.

Lyren is training to become a knight, so he wields a sword and a shield in battle.


Ly and Nute embarking on one of their adventures.

Appearances Edit

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