Madame Ladybug is the head herbalist in the alchemist's guild, extracting poisons and medicine from plants and flowers. She is one of the few U'kin in Eubric, for her kind rarely leaves their homeland, Dastan Empire. For some reason, she hides behind her nickname, with only her closest friends knowing her true name, U'Lalah. She may seem absent-minded at times, but she can be surprisingly ruthless if need be. Like most alchemists, she has no love for wizards, since she deems it wrong to bend the laws of nature.


Madame Ladybug in her greenhouse.

She even went as far as cultivating an army of terrifying, mage-devouring triffids for the Guild at the behest of the guildmaster, the Masked Man. However, she does not wish to ignite a war, so she keeps them locked away.


The triffid reserve.


Battle StatisticsEdit


Madame Ladybug

  • *Immune to Effects and Instant Kill* *Lucky* *Hastened* *Blessed*
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level 48
  • Health: 700/700
  • Special: Mixture – The alchemist mixes random ingredients together and creates a new item. She then uses it immediately.
  • Drops: Remedy x2, Nostrum x2, Mead x1, Dragon Scale x4, Phoenix Essence, Tome of the Alchemist (All mixtures involving the a roll of 1 will be re-rolled, suitable for alchemists; accessory)
  • Note: As an expert alchemist, Madame Ladybug will not create anything that uses a 1 in the roll. Free hits have a 1/3 chance of hitting a fellow party goer instead of the heroes.

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