Necromancer Malastor Eldritch comes from a lineage of wizards that have been rivals with the Ziegfrieds for centuries. However, their numbers have continuously dwindled whereas the Ziegfrieds have become increasingly numerous with each passing generation. Malastor is in fact the last Eldritch in Eubric, besides his wife Drucilla. The two of them have attempted to have children for a long time, but none have born alive. This has created a deep wedge on the relationship of Malastor and Drucilla.


Malastor swallowed by a Triffid.

After Drucilla disappeared into the Void with The Academy of Enlightenment that she worked in for half a year, the pair has been trying to mend their relationship. One night, when they were dining at the Kingless Crown, a Triffid assaulted Malastor and swallowed him whole, absorbing his powers. Drucilla helped a group of heroes from Heroica save him, though.

Malastor's mother was a satyr from Pyr, thus Malastor has the legs of a goat as well.


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