Mephisto the Hungry was one of the three archdemons sealed to guard the forsaken temple of Zoot in Mercution that got buried in a magical war a thousand years ago. The city of Eubric was founded directly above the ruins of the temple, but the archdemons kept sleeping until one of them, Abraxas, was awakened by the necromancer Sycamore Ziegfried some fifteen years ago. Mephisto, who is the personification of gluttony and reigns over the element of ice, was woken up next, but he was quickly banished by the champions of Heroica. He remains connected to the mortal realm through his weapon, the Pheles Rod, which is now carried by one of the heroes.


Mephisto rises from the forsaken temple with Pheles Rod in hand.


Battle StatisticsEdit


The battle against Mephisto and the army of undead.


  • Type: Demon/Icy
  • Level: 40
  • Health: 1313/1313
  • Special: Gluttony – Devours the target, removing it from the combat permanently. If all heroes are devoured, the battle is lost.
  • Drops: Pheles Rod (WP:20; grants permanent Aura, doubling the user’s max. health but making all enemy attacks hit the user; staff), Opal (allows ice-elemental spells)
  • Note: Immune to sudden death and all negative effects.

Pheles Rod

  • Type: Mechanical/Icy
  • Level: 0
  • Health: 999/999
  • Special: Discharge – Damages the target equal to the amount of damage taken by the Pheles Rod, then restores full health to self.
  • Drops: nothing
  • Note: All attacks that hit all enemies are directed to the rod until it is defeated. Defeating Mephisto will instantly defeat the rod as well. Immune to sudden death and all negative effects.

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