Meridia Yavarr, wife of Baradon Yavarr and mother of Ezeran Yavarr. Meridia was an ambitious archmage and researcher of demonic lore that was corrupted but demons who tricked her to sacrifise her sons destiny for demonic powers. She claims to be a demonic princess and is adamant to find and presumeably destroy her son Ezeran Yavarr.

Ezeran is heard singing the following song in "Day of the Triffid" which is probably related to the fate of his mother:  

"Bitter Borie Buggernose, 
lit a fire under his nose, 
Sulfur, acid and lots of gold,
Heat it up again you're told,

Bitter Borie Buggernose,
Didn't smell much like a rose,
Caught up in his greed,
His hunger he would feed.

Sought a ton of gold,
The demons he were told,
Had knowledge he could use,
To set up his black ruse,

The trap was set to noon,
It was not very soon,
Bories good old friend
The powers she would lend,

A fiery mage of class,
A powerful young lass,
Fell not in his trap,
A bloody big mishap.

So came his rightful end,
His blood he now would spend,
Though gold is sourly sought,
His end it now had brought." 

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