Heroes, I recently received a most distressing message. See below:

"Help, we are trapped. Separated from Paladins, can only last a week at most. Observatory south side, only five can make the jump. Gold, treasure, whatever we have is yours, just help us, hurry! ~ Alistair Greenhood" Pretty strange if you ask me, but I'm going anyways.

~ Ratabor Mossycloak

Message in a Bag-of-Holding, was the one hundred and eighth quest of the Heroica RPG and was hosted by Waterbrick Down.

Plot Edit

IMG 4698

The heroes discover a Plane of Holding over-run by the undead.

Accompanying Ratabor Mossycloak on a daring rescue mission from a mysterious Alistair Greenhood, a group of heroes transported to a Plane of Holding, discovering the repository of all of their bottomless bag that every hero in Eubric carried with them. Finding the plane over-run with undead, the group soon came to realize that the necromancers overseeing the upkeep of the plane had lost control of their thralls to a risen Retak Ysp, enraged to see the treatment of the departed. The heroes decided to side with the former Fenarian hero against the remaining necromancers and cohort of assigned paladins, eventually leading to the escape of Retak, the abandonment of the plane, and the failure of the quest.

Party Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Notable Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Quest 108 debuted the use of "Mob" enemies.
  • Quest 108 debuted the Cherubian race.

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