Mime is one of the three master job classes available to the players of Heroica RPG once they reach Level 50. It is open to all players, and it combines the battle skills of all six basic job classes into one.

These master thespians can assume any basic battle style they need.

  • Additional Health: +20
  • Additional Ether: +10 (+1 per level for classes without base ether)
  • Weapons: Mimes can wield any weapon they want, including gems, scrolls and shields, and wear artefacts suitable to any job class. Mimes cannot use equipment restricted to the opposite gender, another race or a specific character.
  • Job Traits: Animal Talk (see Ranger); Diplomacy (see Knight); Flee (see Rogue), Healing (see Cleric); Natural Respite (see Barbarian); Spellcasting (see Mage)
  • Battle Style: Mimicry – Mimes choose one of the six basic battle styles to use each turn.
    • MIMIC BARBARIAN: The mime assumes the Brutal battle style for the turn.
    • MIMIC CLERIC: The mime assumes the Blessed battle style for the turn.
    • MIMIC KNIGHT: The mime assumes the Protective battle style for the turn.
    • MIMIC MAGE: The mime assumes the Elemental battle style for the turn.
    • MIMIC RANGER: The mime assumes the Ranged battle style for the turn.
    • MIMIC ROGUE: The mime assumes the Stealthy battle style for the turn.

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