Miss Fortune, untransformed.


Miss Fortune, after transforming.

Miss Fortune was a lyncanthrope in Alfendi Lupine's gang, who was killed during their looting of the Akrone Winery.

Battle StatisticsEdit



Miss Fortune *Lucky*

  • Type: Dark/Humanoid
  • Level: 35
  • Health: 800/800
  • Special Power: 2
  • Special: Lash Out – Little Miss Fortune Jinxes the opponent.
  • Passive Special 1: Full Moon Beauty – In one round... something happens. (Triggers Beast Form state).
  • Passive Special 2: Fortune Favours the Bold - Miss Fortune is permanently Lucky. *Drops: Grand Tonic, 20 Gold, Fur Leggings (SP: 1, Beast enemies do not deal free hits to the opponent, footwear)

Beast FormEdit

Miss Fortune *Lucky*

  • Type: Dark/Beast
  • Level: 60
  • Health: 800/800
  • Special Power: 2
  • Special 1: Gore – Little Miss Fortune rips into the opponents flesh, dropping their health to one and Dooming them.
  • Special 2: Vicious Attack – Little Miss Fortune dives onto the opponent, dealing 60 damage, and making the opponent fragile and bleeding.



Miss Fortune, transformed.

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