Morgan Ziegfried is the daughter of Altair and Beth Ziegfried, and the younger sister of Merlyn. She is a lover of animals to such an extent that she has learned to shapeshift into various critters despite her young age.

After an argument with her brother about shapeshifting, she thought Merlyn had transformed himself into a frog and fled, so she sent a group of heroes from Heroica to track him down. In the end, it turned out Merlyn had been transformed by an unknown kidnapper, instead. Nevertheless, Morgan got him turned back to a real boy.


Morgan recovers from being transformed into a huge teddybear inside Lilly's mind.

Morgan got to experience a transformation herself when she was swept into the mind of her cousin Lilly. Lilly's imagination turned her into the magenta leader of a mob of teddybears, Big Sister Bear.


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