"Mr. Gaunt" is what Ulric Wolfkin, the leader of the Wolfgang, calls the scribe that writes down laws and regulations for him so that he can present them to the people when he becomes the first King of Eubric. He has also begun to read the laws out loud with his drawling voice to the people of the city to convince them to join Ulric's cause. How a scarecrow knows so much about legislation remains a mystery.

He arrived to Eubric with the witch Baba, and apparently the two have a long history together. Mr. Gaunt acted as Baba's agent in trying to convince a group of heroes of Heroica to give up their mission in Babeleth to discover the true identity of Baba. His own identity would have been revealed as well, had he failed his task.


Mr. Gaunt meets heroes at the Wyrd Tree in Ozmath Marshlands.

During the demonic invasion of Goetia, it is finally revealed that Mr. Gaunt is actually Garuda, the spirit-king of all birds, that Baba has kept enslaved throughout the centuries in various forms. He was the raven familiar of "Sorceress Ambergaze" and the chicken-legged hut of the "Witch of the Bog". Baba finally allowed him to shed the scarecrow form to return to his original shape of an enormous fiery eagle.


Baba riding on Garuda to face heroes of Heroica.

Battle StatisticsEdit



Mr. Gaunt as the chicken-legged hut.

Giant Chicken Leg

  • Type: Beast
  • Level: 15
  • Health: 150/150
  • Special: Chick Kick – Causes 20 damage and stuns the target.
  • Drops: Magic Chicken Drumstick (Raises maximum health or ether by 5 when consumed.)


Garuda, the King of Birds

  • *Ranged, attacks from back row* *Immune to all negative effects and sudden death* *Permanently Hastened* *Lucky*
  • Type: Ancient/Flying/Fiery
  • Level: 100
  • Health: 2109/2109
  • Special I: Flame Plume – Causes 100 fire-elemental damage to the target regardless of row and defense.
  • Special II: Wing of Transference – Transfers half of current health from each standing opponent regardless of row and defense, and restores health to each ally equal to the total sum of taken health.
  • Special III: Pecking Order – Makes enemy Free Hits take precedence over heroes’ actions on the next round.
  • Drops: Garuda Wings (Makes the user permanently hastened; Power +50 to flying warriors; backwear)
  • Note: Specials are used at random.


  • *Immune to negative effects and sudden death* *Lucky*
  • Type: Ancient/Flying/Fiery
  • Level: 50
  • Health: 689/689
  • Special: Clutch – Clutches the target into a tight hold, preventing them from taking action. The talon needs to be defeated to release the target. If the special is rolled again, the clutched target is changed.
  • Drops: nothing
  • Note: Automatically defeated if Garuda is knocked out.


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