Naamah, the arachnoid Archdemon of Greed, bears the monicker Greedy Widow due to her involvement with several users of the Pandemonicon. A thousand years ago, she clouded the mind of Haeresias, the last king of Mercution, driving him into madness that resulted in the entire kingdom getting sunken into the sea. She is said to cry sand instead of tears, due to her element being earth.


Naamah with her mortal lover, King Nebukadnezzar.

More recently, she was summoned by King Nebukadnezzar of Azzurat, also the last in his line, and after dueling for the king's favor with another archdemon, Ahriman, she realized that the mortal king could never be truly hers. Thus she spun Nebukadnezzar into a web of eternal sleep and buried the kingdom under her tears of sand. She guarded the king's body up until a man in a wide-brimmed hat stole the Pandemonicon and summoned her nemesis Ahriman, who in turn attracted the attention of Heroica. The heroes that arrived to Azzurat banished both of the archdemons and defeated the animated corpse of the king, finally granting him rest.


Byblos banishes Naamah with the power of the Pandemonicon.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Naamah the Greedy Widow

  • *Immune to all negative effects and sudden death*
  • Type: Demon/Rock
  • Level: 76
  • Health: 2407/2407
  • Ether: 10/10
  • Special I: Sands of Time – Causes either hastened- or slowed-effect to each combatant. Hastened and slowed negate each other. Costs 3 ether.
  • Special II: Web of Fate – Causes doomed -effect to all opponents. Costs 2 ether.
  • Special III: Tears of Sand – Causes 76 earth-elemental damage and bound-effect to the target regardless of row. Costs 1 ether.
  • Drops: Naamah’s Hourglass (Randomly causes either hastened or slowed to the target at the cost of 3 ether)
  • Note: Special is randomly chosen.

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