Admiral Nemo Bonaparte, the current head of the Bonapartes is a stoic gentleman, who takes his position as the Warden of the Crystalline Sea very seriously. He has a daughter called Attina ready to follow in his footsteps, and an identical twin brother called Reno. He believes that her adventurous wife Hestia has resigned from Heroica, but that is not the case.

He was kidnapped by his twin brother who was attempting to take his place at the head of the family, but a group of champions of Heroica saved him. Together they served the capital punishment to the treacherous Reno. However, the admiral was left deeply mourning after his brother, despite all his crimes. He got so depressed that he became unable to perform his duties. Hestia had to call his uncle Obero "Blackgull" Bonaparte out of retirement to help run the affairs at Fort Bonaparte. Blackgull was determined to snap Nemo out of his depression.

In battle, Nemo uses his skills of a Warden to protect everyone.


Nemo confronts his treacherous twin.


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