Nixie is a merfolk monster that appears in the Fields of Glory. It also shares a Decamon card (Aquatic 7) with it's stronger equivalent, Nixie Queen.

Battle StatisticsEdit


  • *Immune to blinded and sudden death*
  • Type: Aquatic/Humanoid
  • Level: 35
  • Defense: 3
  • Health: 767/767
  • Special: Skewer - Runs the target and the next hero in the battle order through, dealing damage to both equal to their combined level.
  • Drops (varies by roll):
    • 1: Nixie Helmet (SP:3, grants immunity to water and blinded; headwear)
    • 2-3: Trident (WP:5, double damage to aquatic enemies; spear)
    • 4-6: Nostrum

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